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Hangar Development Project Bid
Xiamen / China

Bid for two hangars for medium Range, type C and D aircraft (A320, B737) and another for larger, long haul type E aircraft (B747, A340). The complex has urban design scale with Of ce Towers and ancillary facilities.

The towers have the traditional grid language of modern buildings and classic elements such as the collonade at the base, the symmetrically balanced arrangement and the entablature implied at the top.

East and West towers are kept with a denser column grid to minimize heat gain while the central tower remains more transparent. A stone garden landscape is provided at the top.

A refectory flanks the towers surrounded by colonnades and a plaza at the front with an open air cafe and three sculptural columns alluding to the company logo.

Collaboration with AECOM to develop the architectural and urban design concept and was responsible for the 3D modelling and rendering.

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