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Venetian Macau - PSC Lounge


PSC lounge is an exclusive space appealing to affluent consumers. It usually serves its clients by appointment only and provide them with a concierge to assist PSC guests on the trends and fashionable objects to check. These VIP guests can stay in lavish spaces and relax while luxurious products are brought to them for their peruse.


The program for the lounge is centered around a large opulent living room connected to an extravagant bar and surrounded by smaller but sumptuous private rooms catering to all sorts of posh personalities. The aspect of this lounge should convey an overall impression of a completely over the top, ostentatious space with enough excess and deluxe features to impress the most exigent and showy guests money can buy. Products showcased are mostly jewelry, watches and haute couture.


The design concept was created by interior designers at PMDL, as well as the lay out, custom made furniture and modeling of the interiors. I created the plans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations, architecture model and all documents necessary to ensure everything was in compliance to IBC (international building code) and Macau building regulations. VectorWorks was used for all architectural drafting of this project and also for modeling. The model was exported in .fbx format to be rendered by others.

I added the entourage later with Photoshop.


Projet leader : Aino Kavantera

Interior Designers : Simon Fallon and Thom Sylvius

Project architecture team : Daly Moreno and Reece Wemyss

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