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The design for the passenger terminal and auxiliary buildings at the Boracay airport was mainly about how to keep a high a level of environmental quality within a limited budget. 


A modular reinforced concrete structure is used throughout the building and the use mechanical air conditioning systems is limited to the departure holding room near the boarding gates.


The much larger departure hall is kept cool through natural ventilation coming from louvre inlets spread all over the enclosures at the perimeter. Specialized high perfomance roof fans make sure airflow has enough speed to keep users comfortable and an open courtyard at the centre of the departure hall provides air exhaust high above the louvre inlets to maximize stack effect.


The stepped roofs have linear skylights made with translucent but insulating panels to distribute natural light deep into the building with low heat gains.


The primary sources I used to create this BIM model of the building were an existing Rhino concept model for the airport, ongoing AutoCAD floorplans still being made plus the soon be delivered structural PDF drawings. 

I imported and/or referenced these sources and gradually remodeled everything to make an updated BIM model from which all sections and details of the project were derived. Deadlines were tight and some of the system details were not still not available to be included in the design but it would be fair to say LOD 300 has been achieved in most parts of the project.


Sections and details were dynamic and updated automatically as the project evolved.

No lines needed to be pulled in a conventional drafting workflow to produce the sections and details shown below.

This project could not have been delivered in time with this level of accuracy without using a BIM workflow

I also contributed with project detailing and rendering.


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