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Private housing estates


Master Planning for private housing estates in Nanjing, including the architectural concepts.


The design strategies for the site were :


• Preserve and enhance existing landscape features;

• Ease of access for amenities

• Clean and unobstructed massing and interior street-promenade alignments;

• Create long and short vistas and different scales of public spaces for visual diversity;

• Gradation from large public spaces and parks to smaller residential plazas : sense of community

• Maximize natural ventilaton through site

• Configuration of villa modules on a North/South orientation ;
• Arrangement of residential massing for greater views towards green space;

• Arrange diversity of heights for variety in villa profiles

• Create community through clustering of villa blocks around small interconnected residential squares


My major role in this project was to create a model of the building from which its renderings would be extracted.

George wanted the renderings for the Master Plan to look more schematic. I achieved this "illustration of an acrylic model" look using RenderWorks 2014 to render and Photoshop filters to finalize.

Photorealistic images for the houses were outsourced. The renderer used our SketchUp model as a starting point.


Project leaders : George Hung

Project team : Daly Moreno


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