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Master Planning for a Science Park in Nanjing, including the architectural concepts.


Buildings were laid around a central plaza and vehicular traffic removed from ground level through the location of all carparking entrances to the outer perimeter thus promoting a pedestrian friendly environment, a refuge at a busy quarter the city of Nanjing.


The tallest towers have been located at the main external corners of the development site creating a strong sense of gateway and architectural conversation with buildings on the adjoining site. All buildings utilise similar composition of materials and glazing treatment but are reorganised to offer individual character.  All common form and gestures are to read as part a common architectural family.


The development should standout as a landmark development with high quality landscape spaces and an enjoyment for all


My major role in this project was to create a BIM model of the building from which renderings, plans and sections would be extracted. The "white cardboard style" renderings were made by me using RenderWorks.

Photorealistic images were outsourced. The renderer used our model exported to .fbx format as a starting point.


Project leaders : David Morris and Peter Lee

Project team : Daly Moreno, Caio Peculis, Daniel Bender and Sylvia Chan


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