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Shopping Mall


New shopping development based in Chuzhou China, which is sited amongst important heritage buildings. PMDL was asked to further develop the retail layouts and designs as a contemporary extension for the heritage precinct.

The Mall is within a complex with many buildings spread over a block, most of them done in a historical style common in colonial China in the 1900s.  The Mall building is a U-shaped concrete structure box facing a traditional building with a clock tower (shown above)


My role was to develop mall layouts and reflected ceiling plans for the interior floors of the mall building plus a series of elevations with alternatives to finish the contemporary façades of the concrete structure and transition from the modern buildings to the traditional ones.


Due to numerous shifts in the design outcomes and directions plus constant changes in the design leading team, the production workflow for this project was done using conventional architectural drafting. All plans, sections and elevations were done by us manually. Renderings were outsourced.


Project leaders : Peter Lee, Simon Fallon, Kira Pan, Aino Kavantera and Tom Blackford

Project team : Daly Moreno, Sylvia Chan and Kim Chan


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