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Water Treatment Station Bid - Second Phase

Shek Wu Hui District- Hong Kong

The renovated water treatment facility for the neighborhood of Shek Wu Hui will be implemented in phases using the site of the existing station plus an additional area across the street.

The design makes extensive use of green roofs arranged in patterns ressembling plantations attempting to camou age the complex within the surrounding farmland.

Plenty of new trees will be added and existing ones relocated to provide screening, shading and to landmark special landscape features.

Two key buildings near entrances will have rooftops open to the public through handicap acessible ramps.

The boundaries of the site will be equiped with sidewalks, bike lanes, suspended decks, water features and a pedestrian bridge.

Educational activities such as a supervised tour throughout the facility will be available to the public.

The existing at concrete drainage canals owing along the river banks will be re tted with a curved path emulating a natural river with grasslands / wetlands planted on the top.

I contributed with Architectural concepts, 3D modelling, digital rendering and flyover animation

© 2016 by DALY MORENO II

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