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Viru Viru international airport will be enlarged with a a new runway, additional apron areas and an Air Traffic Control Tower at the airside. At the landside a new PTB, passenger terminal building, will be added at the north of the existing terminal supported by its own parking lots and access roads. A hotel and an office building are also part of the program.

A simple, rounded roof shape covers the PTB. Its height varies smoothly from 9 to 12m, only the volume necessary to hold the activities inside.  The pattern of luminaires and skylights on the ceiling form a stylized bird’s plumage.

Roof overhangs cover the drop off areas and extends around the courtyard at the front forming an oculus above the water feature. Sculptural elements on the water allude to to the monoliths of Tiahuanaco (or Tiwanaku) the capital city of the in uential Andean culture from the Pre-Columbian period located at the Southern Bolivian shores of lake Titicaca.

Their side by side arrangement also references the famous gates of the Sun and the Moon found at the Tiwanaku archeological site. The ancient gateways to the gods are represented in our gateway to the world : the airport.

The air traffic control tower is designed to be a slender, elegant structure: a lighthouse dressed with semi transparent cladding.

It is supposed to be a simple, well proportioned classic structure, like a Greek Doric column.

Responsible for architectural and urban design concepts, 3D modelling and rendering.

Collaboration with and AECOM Aviation.

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