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Yuen Long - Hong Kong

The design for the new water treatment facility for the neighborhood of Yuen Long attempts to soften the industrial character of large boxes of the complex through the grand gesture of a soft curved surface.

It is actually formed by few curved enclosure shells visually connecting three of the major buildings on the site and, very importantly, leaving open a civic promenade through which the local residents can walk through

Green roofs are used extensively to camou age the complex within the surrounding wetland and key buildings near the entrances will have parts open to the public with amenities and educational activities such as a supervised tour throughout the facility. The river boundary of the site will have wide sidewalks, suspended decks and a bird watching platform

I contributed with Architectural and Urban Design concepts, 3D modelling and rendering.

Responsible for architectural and urban design concepts, 3D modelling and rendering.

Collaboration with AECOM - WUD (Water and Urban Development) 

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